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Why Do You Vape?0

shutterstock_125136062Every person has their own motivation for vaping. It’s a great way to free yourself from a habit that definitely has negative implications on your health. Vaping is also a great way to free yourself from an expensive habit and begin to save you money each month. We have received a lot of people who have taken the time to tell us why they love Venus Vapor and many have also told us why they started vaping. There have been several common themes in these emails and we wanted to share them with you.

1. Vaping has helped lifelong smokers kick the habit.

While we can’t promote our electronic cigarettes as a tool for quitting smoking, the endorsements from the public speak for themselves. When other cessation products have failed, e-cigs have succeeded. Research is still being conducted, but a study by researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand found that electronic cigarettes were in fact just as effective as nicotine patches.

More studies are beginning to emerge which come to the same conclusion. Has it helped you stop smoking? We love hearing stories like this from our customers! Feel free to email us with your vaping success story (

2. Vaping is less expensive than smoking.

Let’s face it. Smoking isn’t cheap. We can say that…and we can say that making the switch to electronic cigarettes can save you money! When you consider that a pack of cigarettes can cost you anywhere from around $5 to close to $15, depending on your location, you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to begin to see your savings.

3. Vaping is more earth conscious.

When you consider the amount of smokers around the globe, it is estimated that several trillion cigarette butts become litter globally each year. In fact, bringing it closer to home, the Texas Department of Transportation says that each year more than one billion pieces of litter pile up on Texas highways and of that, 13% are cigarette butts. While it’s one of our larger states, it’s hard to imagine that they are out of the norm across the country. Cigarette butts are unsightly and definitely are polluting the earth through irresponsible smokers.

Make the switch to vaping and save. Save your health. Save money. Save the earth.